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Rievtech HMI; The Overview of Features for Several Product Types, an Approach to The User Beneficial Guidelines :

Rievtech HMI comes as solution during the time as the impact of the industrial development, the vision of industrial working process has been change dramatically. It happen to the wide sectors of industries, but what we can see it was deface the manufacture so much more than before. The pursue of the production quality, intention to gain best working environment inside the plant, has become a factor, or reasons why it was happen. 
Rievtech HMI
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Than due to the Rievtech HMI fact, the people of the industries, especially the engineer, are always try to take a look deeper to found a right device, component, or other stuff to realize that ideas. But, thanks to the technology and the willingness for pursue the absolute state of the art, there also many of manufacture has support they working by take a look deeper for the right partners in technological supply. 

Belongs with the willingness of provide the world of Rievtech HMI manufacture with reliable information's, here in this article we would provide with kind of information's about one Human Machine Interface product features. We put our focused to belongs with Rievtech HMI features summary. 

The Features of RTS4043C, RTS007, and RTS4070CE, Different Type and Model Vary of Choice to Brings a Suitable Idea for The Right Application and Intention

HMI or Human Machine Interface of Rievtech HMI has kind of important device which commonly used by the machine operator or the engineers to communicate and brings the command to made the engine running well during the production period. Rievtech HMI comes with several choice for the user, here are some of the product example with the specific features belongs with it. 

• Rievtech HMI RTS4043C

Adapt to harsh industrial environment, this are the simple dual communications ports and supporting USB or USB disk. This are kind of product with new configuration software, with powerful function also rich gallery. Belongs with the features also, there are general specification aspect has included with technical parameter such as, 4.3” TFT LCD display, 480x272 width and height resolution, 24-bit resolution, and 420cd/m brightness. This product also ready to used for along 50000 hours backlight life. 

• Rievtech HMI RTS0007

This are kind of multi touch glass+glass touch screen product model, with high contrast ratio, full viewing angle, and high brightness capabilities. On the aspect of display, it was adapt 7” 16:9 TFT LCD display, with WxH resolution around 1026x600, and 50000 hours backlight life. On the aspect of CPU, it was design with 600MHz ARM Cortex A8, 128M DDR3+128M Flash Memory. 

• Rievtech HMI RTS4070CE

Known as the industrial isolated power supply module with 4 serial ports and Ethernet port, this model has comes with the spray coating treatment mainboard, a treatment to adapt at the harsh industrial environment. 7” TFT LCD display, 800x480 (WxH) resolution aspect, and 600MHz ARM Cortex A8, put this model as the specific environment for harsh industrial environment applications. 

Each of Rievtech HMI are kind of HMI device which prepared as the industrial controller between the operator and machine to brings a best result during the production period. Along with all of those model, there also other model such as RTS4070C, RTS010 and RTS4097iE. 


Rievtech HMI are kind of Human Machine Interface made by Rievtech that ready to operate at Harsh industrial environment. Each of model has create and design under the HMI expert so it can be choose depend on what user needed. 

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