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New ABB Machine Control, Highlights and Other Beneficial Information in Common

The New ABB Machine Control industries are not only developed, it growth, become more mature than before, it also asking more for a new idea for the absolute state of the art. Of course it was need to answer by the people which work and involved with, and at the same time it has to grant and enclosure to brand new idea of innovations. 

There are several New ABB Machine Control device and technology product has offered by the day. Each are become so much important where it need to belongs with the world of industries and also who to reach a new vision of greater industrial working process in term of effectivities and efficiency. 
Machine Control
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New ABB Machine Control as one former name in industrial automation solutions manufacture, has offered several product that belongs with the absolute state of the art the technology. There are so many device, tools, or utensils has offered. And here in this article we would take further more with one of ABB product family called motion control products. Just go further more to reach an information about the highlight and specifications. 

A Right Solutions for Diverse Industrial Applications, New ABB Motion Control, an Answers of Powering Machine Innovations

New ABB motion control are comes as the solutions of any applications users needed. It was offered with several products types such as; rotary servo motors, inverter and vector drives, the multi axis motion controllers, boxed and board level solutions, operator panel, also the single or three phase drives motion controls. Here are few of product types summary complete with beneficial features for each them. 

• New ABB Machine Control MotiFlex e180

It was kind of versatiles device for increasing the performance, capability and dependability. This model are prepared to brings several features which can benefits for the users during the process such as; 230-480 V AC three phase operation, configuring the MINT WorkBench via Ethernet TCP/IP, and EtherCAT conformance cert, by ETG. 

• New ABB Machine Control MicroFlex e190

The main capabilities of this device are to handle motor feedback technologies also connectivity provided with flexible Ethernet. In term of the features, users could grant a brand new aspect such as; STO ( Safe Torque Off) belongs to IEC 61800-5-2 standard, SIL3 PLe, 105-264V AC, 0.5 to 3kW single or three phase operation. Users also had flexibility configurations through TCP/IP. 

• New ABB Machine Control MicroFlex e100

It was kind of POWERLINK AC Ethernet servo drive. There are several features could grant by users in term of applications such as; 3, 6 and 9Amp for 300% overload for 3 seconds, 3 phase of 230 VAC or 1phase of 110-230 VAC, digital universal encoder feedback, and of course the integration among the Modbus TCP and Ethernet Powerlink capabilities. Users could depend to this device for both of lnear brushless motors, or rotary servo control. 

The New ABB Machine Control are the former named in any automation solutions device. Each of the motion control create and made by the ABB has prepared to belongs with several working process such as; packaging, bottling, pick and place functionalities, labeling, laser cutting/trimming, stacking, and other working process such as the high speed rotary wrappers. 


New ABB Machine Control are kind of products offered by ABB manufactures to the world of industries as the chain of powerfull industrial machine innovations. Comes in wide range in term of solutions choice users could found the right one depend on what they needed. 

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