Sunday, 3 December 2017

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Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems; Overview for Specification and Other Beneficial Information :

By the time Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems transmitting the energy among the systems around the factory or manufacturing plant are kind of problem which had to handle by the industrial people by the day. Those problems are needed to solve to gaining the best idea of better manufacturing plant which operated via automation solution systems. 

On the other hand there also kind of greater ideas where the virtual and real world merge together. This are kind of ideation where the industries are need to belong with some kind of brand new operational device and process. Than due to the fact, Weidmüller as one of former manufacture on automation solution, has create and offered several products which can belongs with the ideas of absolute state of the art on automation solution especially for kind of contactless transmission systems. Just go further more through this article and found more way within the ideas of Weidmüller FreeCon contactless transmission device.
Weidmuller Contactless Transmission Systems
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The Weidmüller Contactless Transmission System; Maximum Efficiency, High Power Density To Maintain-Free and Up to 240 W

As the impacted idea of Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems, this device is transforming the greatest advancing for the industrial automation solution with revolutionary transmitting system. This ideation for the best contacted aspect for transmitting systems which can be used for completed the best ideation for possible view of optimizing production process. This product totally ready with kind of great features, such as; 

• Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems Primary Side

This side are the base of this product are prepared with kind of PROFINET PushPull power interface, IP 65 protection degree, also ready with -20…45°ambient operating temperature, with around 1020 g Weight. This side made from kind of diecast zinc, with painted and PBT cover. With also 1 s turned on time. 

• Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems Secondary Side

It was called as the remote side that also ready to belong with several ideas such as; max 5 mm center offset, and PROFINET PushPull Power, with also IP65 protection degree < 500 ms coupling time. It also grants idea of inductive resonance coupling technology version, also the inductive and resistive loads. 

This product is totally ready for any kind of purposes. Weidmüller Contactless Transmission Systems which come from the machine construction, robotics, materials handling and even to used with some kind of renewable energy infrastructure. Depend on the ideation of greater aspect of industrialization. There are so many benefits and features which can grant by users depend on what they purposes and intentional aspect. 


On the new era of modern industries there are so many parts and component which need and wanting by the people of industries to complete and grant more with the industrial working process. Due to the fact also to increase what need to belongs, there are so many manufacture goes in pursue to gain what they needed. Weidmüller as one of former manufacture also ready to offered several products which belongs with the ideal modern industrial process such as the contactless transmission systems which can be used to increase the level of working efficiency.