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Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector to detect the absorption of certain wavelengths of light wavelengths :

It said that fire detectors, also known as optical sensors flame detector in the protected area. Each fire emits visible light as well as infrared invisible (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. UVIR UV flame detector or sensor in this radiation is invisible to distinguish between real fire and a source for the detection of clear radiation. 

Flame detector can be connected to the fire alarm control system, or it can serve as a stand-alone device exists to alert staff or shut down the equipment in case of fire. The flame detection devices are designed to detect the absorption of certain wavelengths of light wavelengths. It allows them to distinguish between the fire and sources of false alarm. 
Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector
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Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector

Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector analyze of multi-spectral signals accurately through the use of three radiation sensor under a separate red. Moreover, 975 MR detects fuel and gas fires at long distances. For example, these products detect 1 FT2 (0.1m2) pan gasoline fire at 215 ft (65 m) in less than 5 seconds. 975MR high immunity to false alarms and increased diversity also provides universal coverage. 

Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector fire detection devices use patented digital signal processing to analyze the spectral characteristics and dynamic Infra-red. This is measured to determine the fire All detectors include a series of 975 visual window heated to improve performance in the ice. Event with exceptional sensitivity and extreme immunity to false alarms, detection performance can be easily adapted to all environments, applications, and requirements. Those can be done by changing the configuration parameters to detect. 

The features and benefits of Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector

Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector has specific features are stated as follows: 

1. Multi spectrum design : for the detection and high immunity after false alarm
2. Heated window : to work in extreme condition. 
3. Sensitivity option : to ensure no crossover detection area
4. Automatic and manual built-in testing (BIT) : to ensure reliable operation

In addition, this Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector also enable user to get maximum detection target as with specification as below: 

1. Multiple output maximum degree options: 
a. Relay (3) warning, error and help
b. 0-20 mA (stepped) 

2. High Reliability - MTBF - minimum 150,000 hours
3. Approval of Safety Integrity Level 2 (torrent 2 – TÜV
4. 5 year warranty
5. User-programmable via HART ® or RS-485 


Rosemount™ 975MR Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector to detect the absorption of certain wavelengths of light wavelengths. This flame detector can protect you from the potential dangers of fire. The principles of fire detection and the type of technology are available today. The users will be in a better position to choose the fire detector. Important application requirements also specify, due to factors such as fuel type. For this purpose, it is often useful to establish a little table of the process we can choose. 

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Underwater Linear Actuators designed for the production of linear mechanical motion by converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy :

Ultra Underwater Linear Actuators motion has experience and expertise in the field has brought us marine industries and was designed for the production of linear mechanical motion by converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy. This is along with many prominent clients in an attempt to push the boundaries of Underwater Linear Actuators exploration and the development of marine technology. 

If you are working in an oil refinery, and control the ROV at 20,000 feet below sea level, stabilizing fins operations in the mine sweeper sled pulled by the US Navy helicopter. Or you can control over just a show fountain nozzles. Now comes underwater Ultra motor reliability unmatched mobility. This Underwater Linear Actuators offers ease of use in a series of applications under the water. 
Underwater Linear Actuators
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Underwater Linear Actuators Product Specifications

The performance and Underwater Linear Actuators specifications include: 

1. NEMA 17 model (forces up to 100 lbs) 
2. NEMA 23 model (forces up to 500 lbs) 
3. Rated to a depth of 20,000 feet
4. temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to 65 ° C

Underwater Linear Actuators also includes the design and manufacturing capabilities as below: 

1. 316L stainless steel appliances and shaft
2. Underwater connectors (SEACON, subcon, Burns) 
3. MIL-A-8625 Type III (hardcoat) anodized aluminum enclosure
4. Galvanic corrosion mitigation with proper insulation and sacrificial anode
5. Oil-filled pressure compensated design
6. Optional oil filled cable design
7. Modified engine type (brushless and stepper motors) 

Underwater Linear Actuators specifications provides balanced pressure aluminum motor oil of high performance linear motion

This underwater linear actuator provides balanced pressure aluminum motor oil of high performance linear motion in the depths of the Ultra movement of up to 20,000 feet below sea filled. Subsea power density is very high engine to improve the heat dissipation in the motor windings caused by the movement of fluids. The movement of the rotor induction motor will make movement in the ocean inert motor oil. It causes an increase in the effective thermal mass of the engine and reduces the thermal resistance between the windings and the case. 

The engine is exposed to the infinite reservoir near the thermal coefficient of heat transfer much heat load from the air higher, when underwater. Thermal design under water encased engine extremist movement allows the engine to be overdriven to 2.3 times that of standard power rating, which allows for high energy density linear actuation underwater. 

Custom Underwater Linear Actuator

A radical movement has a long history in the control of linear motion under the water. This has the development of high performance, ruggedized, linear motors under the sea. A special unit is also available. The availability of these submersible motors is currently a long life in applications that require underwater at a depth of 20,000 feet (10,000 lbs). 

The features include: 

1. Improve heat dissipation due to internal movement of the oil, allowing engines very high energy density
2. 316 steel shaft
3. Sacrificial anodes for maximum corrosion protection
4. Balanced pressure, (PBOF) connector oil-filled
5. The case of Type III hard coat anodized aluminum 


Linear Underwater Linear Actuators are almost always computer-controlled, although some can be guided by hand. The linear actuators are designed for the production of linear mechanical motion by converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy. Engines are usually an integral part of the motion control system in the automated assembly process part. The linear motor can be powered by pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and piezoelectric force. 

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Review Benefits SCADA Systems Automate Electrical Distribution to increase uptime and improve utilization 

Rapid power transmission and distribution systems from power plants to customers in residential or office safe is a challenge today's power generation industry. Electric utilities parties must be able to meet the electricity needs of the community well, minimizing disruptions and power cuts as much as possible. Electricity utility must collect and distribute electricity from the various sources of electricity generation, many of them intermittent, and distribute to customer by utilizing automated monitoring and control of SCADA. 

Substation power plants have a complex system and have varying amounts of control and operator interface points. Substation power plants will be controlled and monitored in real time by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and by special devices such as circuit breakers and power monitor. Data from the PLC and the device is then transmitted to a PC-based SCADA node in the substation. 
Electrical Distribution System

Benefits of Implementing SCADA systems for Electrical Distribution

SCADA implementation in the electrical distribution system is greatly assisting the authorities of electricity in various ways such as: 

1. Improve the performance of the electrical distribution system automatically

SCADA systems are able to make the process safer, faster and completely automated start of collecting data to provide automatic control that greatly benefits utilities. One application is when there are problems in the field Alarm they detect problems in the system, and analysis of this issue allows adjustments and corrections, often prevent the outage automatically. When there are problems e.g. outage caused by an unexpected event such as a hurricane, SCADA a sophisticated system of data collection capability helps field workers to quickly identify the exact location of outages without having to wait for customer calls. 

2. Data collection for the electricity distribution process automatically

As automatic control systems, SCADA able to change the system work a lot of utilities that still rely on manual labor to perform tasks automatically power distribution. This process is able to cut labor costs, making the process safer and more comfortable and minimize distractions. Modern SCADA system also features built-in redundancy and backup systems to provide sufficient reliability, and can respond more quickly and consistently than manual process. 

3. Alarm Monitoring System is able to detect problems that occur quickly and accurately

Excellence SCADA system is able to significantly increase the speed of recovery in the event of power outage. These problems occur when the SCADA-enabled switches and closers line so it can help isolate the location in case of a blackout by means of open automatic switch adjacent to the power switch quickly to other parts without the need for line workers to visit the site to perform a visual inspection long. 

4. Worker protection and detection of hazardous location automatically

Modern SCADA systems that provide multiple benefits in the security system and keeping the level of workers due to the substation and at DER connection point, the data should be collected and made available to the SCADA system so that it can detect problems that occur more quickly. DER automates monitoring in real-time with the SCADA system allows the operator to make more information more rapid adjustments, and to uncover trends and issues before a problem occurs.
Electrical Distribution System Maintenance

5. Facilitate the early detection of problems and routine equipment repairs

SCADA system improvements make it easier to do on a regular basis. For example, if a power monitoring device has a protocol and some types of hardware then with the SCADA system in more easily configured and installed. In addition some offer a DNP3 SCADA software package is required and IEC-60870-5-104 protocol so as to facilitate early detection if a problem occurs automatically. 

6. Improved efficiency of system performance based on the data trend analysis

SCADA is able to analyze and identify quickly and automatically condition of excess capacity and so the power can be transferred from the area approaching overload. The control system can also analyze trends and historical data also helps maintain the desired power factor, voltage level and
other parameters of the distribution system at the desired level. 


SCADA systems are designed to simplify power distribution applications with the help of PC-based software. Data collected from the electrical distribution system, with most of the data that comes in the substation to be processed in the SCADA control system so that the process control can be run automatically, quickly and accurately. 

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7 Strategies to Developing SCADA Security:

Development of the industry, makes more complex problems faced related to control systems and security. In general, SCADA is still relevant enough to be used as a control system that is capable of controlling several machines control in different areas. In line with the increasing fragility of attacks against SCADA cyber attack that also need proper treatment.

SCADA security systems today require the integration of several functions of controllers such as firewalls, proxy servers, operating systems, coating application systems, communications, and policies and procedures. For the implementation of SCADA security strategy then you need security measures to keep the network as follows: 
7 Strategies Developing SCADA

1. Border Router and Firewalls

Cyber ​​attacks are usually carried out by sending the software to penetrate the internal private network. If the security system is not protected SCADA Firewalls are configured correctly then your security system is not good enough to protect passwords, IP addresses, files and so on.

2. Proxy Servers

Packets of data sent or passing through TCP / IP should have been entered in the resource control layer applications such as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). To strengthen the security system SCADA proxy server acts as a firewall to protect the traffic between a protected network and the Internet. These systems are relatively safe although security with proxy servers will not eliminate the threat of the layer attacks application.

3. Operating Systems

As the brain of the computer system, the operating system became the main target of cyber attacks. There are 2 options for securing this system namely through the operating system upgrade to newer versions or migration by replacing opeating system to a higher version. For the safety of Operating Systems should really upgrade to the latest version and there is no compromise for any irregularities that exist.

4.  Applications

Some viruses are intentionally sent to undermine the security of SCADA systems such as buffer overruns, worms, Trojan Horse, Active-X5 codes, and other malicious programs that we need to anticipate. Viruses and works by paralyzing anti-virus software and bypassing the firewall as if it had no security protection there

5. Policies and Procedures

In addition to programs designed to address cyber attacks, it is necessary also the policies that govern the discipline of the user in performing the procedure. The policies and procedures include the selection of a secure password with a combination for example with at least one symbol, a capital letter and a number, and should be more than eight characters.

6. SCADA Firewalls

SCADA network security can be strengthened with layers of firewalls between the system SCADA network and the Internet. System security threats are often due to internal factors such as the employee who accidentally did not record the procedures performed and it turns out it can be compromised using the hacking method that is similar to what he did.

7. SCADA Internal Network Design

Internal SCADA network must have its own IP and run by using intelligent switches and sub-masking techniques appropriate to protect the system from cyber attack. The use of Ethernet Wireless and Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) can be an alternative to change the default name of the Service Set Identifier6 (SSID).


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the important control processes in many countries. This system performs important functions vital to many companies such as electric power companies, gas - natural, petroleum, water treatment, sewage treatment, and even the railway. However, considerations in terms of safety in the design of this system have received less attention, so the potential for interference from unauthorized access can occur. This review above will provide you several important phases to protect your system from cyber attack. By learning more methods you will get alternatives and the implementation of effective and economical control system. 

"Leading industrial automation companies in India providing PLC SCADA DCS training in Chennai. Best PLC training center in Chennai. Automation in India,

SCADA Building Automation System Application in the Energy Management Platform for Intelligent Buildings :

Scarce energy issues require a breakthrough in the management of energy-saving and efficient. One method is the application of energy efficient SCADA control system in intelligent buildings. There are many devices in a smart building that can be controlled by a SCADA system in a way to integrate various types of information and process it into an intelligent control system that includes the control of ventilation, temperature, lighting and so on. SCADA-based control process is developed by means of implementing hierarchical cascade controller in which the inner loop performed by a local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and the outer loop is managed by a centralized SCADA system, which interact with the entire network of local PLC. 

Detailed application based on SCADA control system in intelligent building can be seen as the following example:
6 SCADA Building Automation

1. Water Network

In the water network, Reservoirs and water distribution can be implemented using SCADA. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control the water flow rate, high reservoir pressure in the pipes and various other factors.

2. Temperature Control

SCADA can control the use of multiple air conditioning in every room by reading the temperature sensors in each room, and then can control the air conditioning whether to turn on or off so that the use of electrical energy can be saved.

3. Lighting Control

SCADA can control the lights, when the lights will be turn on and off position. In fact, everyone in the building can control the lights with the help of an existing gadget. So, if someone forgot to turn off lights that can be turned off automatically. In addition the control system can also be made to the scheme of the lights will work automatically if the room is known to human existence. Automatic light control is done by infrared sensors that function to calculate the number of people in the room and as the giver sensor data input switch to turn on or off position automatically. 

4. Electric Network

SCADA systems are used to detect the amount of current and voltage, circuit breaker operational monitoring and to turn off / turn on the power grid of the building.

5. Gas Network

The use of gas for cooking purposes in a controlled manner can use SCADA control system. Application of this system is the Automatic Gas Stove for Safety. This stove can be operated in 3 modes items, namely manual, automatic, and use a timer. In the manual mode setting like a gas stove burner in general. While in the automatic mode operating mechanism based on the presence or absence of equipment cooking on the stove. When using the automatic mode the stove will turn on when there is equipment cooking on the stove based on setting period. But if there is no equipment to cook on the stove or the equipment had been moved after the completion of cooking, the oven will turn off automatically. This mode can be selected to minimize the risk of accidents stove exploded because users forget to turn off the stove. 

6. Computer Network

Computer networks in the room can be controlled automatically using SCADA systems.  Usage mechanism of computer with a centralized server which each person in the building who has a computer can connect to a central server. In this case SCADA can control the use of computers per everyone, even SCADA is able to shutdown in each person if unused computer automatically based on the parameters of activity whether or not the activity data usage in the computer so that the use of electricity can be saved.


Making the smart home based SCADA aims to enable people to confront problems such as the current setting e.g. security and energy use. Security is a matter to be considered by everyone as the crime rate increases. Saving energy consumption is also important for future life.From the manufacture of intelligent home-based SCADA software can be concluded that the tool is going according to plan-making. It is suggested in this SCADA program design should be examined in advance in the use of components. In the implementation tool manufacture and SCADA programs must be closely monitored progress of the work is in accordance with the plan or not, because it affects the turnaround time of making these tools. 

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AKMH Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors Products Features and Specification :

The new machines stainless steel guidance to the Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors
AKMH designed to comply with EHEDG and 3A. It meets hygiene NFS and prove themselves with superior performance data standards. 
Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors has designed dedicated to a challenging environment for more than 70 years bicycle. The most prominent is the machine used in the Jason Jr., ROV used to explore the Titanic. The leveraged highlight of this experience is in the motor AKMH series. AKMH is designed for food contact area initially. This can be used in reducing cleaning and maintenance time. It contributes directly to the OEE of the device overall height. 
Stainless Steel Servo Motors
Image by 

Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors Features

There are some features you can get from AKMH Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors, those are: 

1. This product is designed for rapid cleanup and increase uptime.

AKMH Series Stainless Steel is designed to meet IP69K standards, EHEDG and 3 A. This is constructed with FDA approved food grade materials and design. This can be used to eliminate caution flat surface, cracks, and crevices and prevent the accumulation of foreign substances and bacteria. AKMH has some characteristic, such as clean faster, keep your machine running, and improve the OEE of your manufacturing line. 

Strong design means that the guard and blankets are not necessary to protect the machine from harsh cleaning system. AKMH housing and cables can survive in the islands to wash every day with high temperatures, caustic chemicals and high pressure. 

2. Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors reduces the risk of recalls.

Renovation Food Safety Act (FMSA) gives the federal government the ability to shut down food product recall, the facility, picked up stiff penalties to ensure public safety in food products manufacturing. AKMH has been designed to meet the health needs of the toughest in the industry. This is to reduce the likelihood of food-borne disease and the withdrawal of expensive design. 

3. Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors Bottom Line.

Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH come in 19 standard machine sizes. This comes with some of the standard menus for each to fit many applications machine found in beverages and food, and pharmaceuticals. AKMH Kollmorgen will help in improve OEE and reduce the possibility of the withdrawal of the destruction. This also helps to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness of the machine. In conjunction with gear head, AKMH Series Stainless Steel drives to facilitate a solution from a single source. This comes with high-speed rated up to 8,000 rpm, and thus meet the highest hygiene and efficiency demands. 


Kollmorgen Stainless Steel Servo Motors AKMH drive a new series of Kollmorgen is designed to withstand the most stringent of wash down system. This product use a mix of construction IP69K and wear-resistant material that AKMH. It makes automotive devices that life will continue from your computer AKMH stainless steel motor is delivered with AKD servo amplifiers suitable for application. This is highly efficient in machines with multiple axes distributed spatially, provides for the construction of decentralized system devices. 

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Rosemount 935 Gas Detector for the detection of the old standard gas was originally created for the detection of the multi-functional gas :

Gas detection and measurement refers to the concentration of certain gases in the air through different techniques. It is usually used to prevent exposure to toxic substances, and fire. Rosemount 935 Gas Detector and battery operated devices are often used for safety purposes. It produces unit (fixed) portable or stationary. This tool works with high-level represents the gas through many units for the detection of the old standard gas was originally created for the detection of the multi-functional gas. This multi-modern gas device is capable of detecting multiple gases simultaneously in. 

Some Rosemount 935 Gas Detector can be used for individual and small unit to monitor the work area. The unit can also be combined or linked together to create a system of protection. No matter how extreme or demanding better conditions of people and facilities that comes first. Emerson is dedicated to the detection technology that offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated product. The fire and gas detector product was designed to excel under the most difficult conditions. This will help you simplify daily operations. Most importantly, this will keep your people safe - because if it matters to you, it is important for us.
Gas Detector
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Rosemount™ 935 Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

Natural gas liquefaction process provides a number of potential major risks. The liquid is released to the public will be converted into a gas, which leads to a fire or explosion occurs. Today you can find product for the protection of LNG facilities of various gas detection methods. 

Rosemount 935 Gas Detector provides for the detection of an open path continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gas is flammable uses infrared technology. This works even in harsh environments where dust, fog, rain, snow or vibration can cause a decrease in the peak signal. 

The features of this Rosemount 935 Gas Detector product

To support its function, this Rosemount 935 Gas Detector are stated bellow: 

1. Cover a wider area
2. No media failure is exposed
3. Warning beam mass
4. Most likely method to retrieve any leak
5. High response speed
6. Volume of gas danger signs

Open system provides detection for continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gas path combustible, such as: 

1. xenon flash transmitter and infrared receiver
2. disclosure include petroleum methane, ethylene, propane, ethane and butane
3. hold extreme vibration conditions
4. high false alarm immunity
5. detection range: 7-200 meters in three different models (the same as detecting various sources) 

Rosemount 935 Gas detection categorized by the gas detects combustible or toxic type. In this broad category, it is determined by the technology used: catalytic sensors and infrared detectors. Those works for combustible gases and semiconductor technology electrochemical oxide minerals are generally detect toxic gases. 


Disclosure of useful Rosemount 935 Gas Detector can be used for both domestic and industrial use, but in a different domain for the detection of the old standard gas was originally created for the detection of the multi-functional gas. In this industry it is used for the detection of leaks minutes or pressure fluctuations in the levels of different gases. Moreover, at home they often check for the presence of one or two of gas to get a certain degree of toxicity. 

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ABB’s Scheduling and Factory Supervision Software Review :

Zenon IoT software facilitate manufacturers and industries to conduct the most advanced networking system to develop their process reporting and increase their productivity. The software built based on an Operation Data Management System and open HMI provided for delivering secure control, supervision, scheduling, performance reporting, and data acquisition. It is beneficial to give complete report to your customer’s production assets, regardless of the scale and capacity – from a single machine to the unified multi-site factory. 

In the multi-site factory, reporting the process is super complex that requires tight scheduling. Using the software IoT, the whole reporting and scheduling procedure can be tidily managed through a simple interface provided by the software. It can convey accurate data in the form of information, integrity and insight. 

One of benefit using ABB’s IoT software, it comes with high compatibility with other ABB’s tools and software.
IoT software
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Zenon IoT Software Features

Zenon IoT Software designed for a complete solution from machinery to warehouse supported applications. It’s easy concept of integration, making it suitable to broad range platform of your automation solutions in machine builder environments and system integrators. 

Zenon IoT software Smart Integration

The software supports for smart integration into all security systems and processes. It comes with advanced security systems to prevent for being deployed into critical infrastructure. More than 300 communication protocols and drivers supported. Other key what makes zenon is a must for a potent component in the Internet of Things are including simple ERP and cloud interface. 

Zenon IoT software is Easy Reporting Function

To give deep insight to your customer’s production process is easy through smart reporting function. It comes with audit trail, scheduling capabilities and batch production capabilities ensuring you can deliver accurate information. The factory who need this high demand feature are including food and beverages industries. 

The reporting function guaranteed to be perfect for quality assurance, optimization, online reporting and production. 

Zenon IoT software completed with Multi-User Engineering Capabilities

Another function offered is the multi user engineering capabilities that focused on object oriented design. The design provides solution for low startup cost and high productivity for your entire team. The software is possible to be integrated to the ABB’s Automation Builder software and open engineering interface for the perfect engineering tool chain. 

Zenon IoT Software Applications

A comprehensive range of solution was provided by Zenon IoT software. The Internet of Things helps increasing automation applications for various manufacturers around the world. It help manufacturers to achieve the best manufacturing process, increase their productivity, maintain their product quality and increase their worker safety. Many industries have already implement the ABB’s IoT technology are including automotive industry, crane industry, food and beverage, plastics and rubber industry, marine, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), mining industry, and water and wastewater. 


Zenon IoT software of Things from ABB provides a complete solution to the factories who want to the smarter reporting and scheduling process to their consumers. As in food & beverage industries, they face demands of tight delivery times and high quality standards. Using the ABB drives and PLCs including the IoT software, they can run their business smoothly beginning from raw material handling to the processing and conveying.