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Schneider Flow Measurement, The Best Solution to the flow measurement needs – from the regular to the poor energy source of site condition : 

Schneider Electric offers wide range of transmitter and gas flow computers for the most flexible electronic flow measurement solutions for Upstream Production. All of the Schneider flow measurement units provided with industrial hardened design for the most cost and energy saving solution in any environmental operations with minimum conditioning. The flow measurement units are open platforms. It means they have connectivity with new and legacy system and interoperability with others devices and systems. 
The Schneider flow measurement units were built-based on the scalability concept so it can be started from the small scale and can be expanded when needed. They offer guaranteed remote connectivity and diagnostics as well as government-grade encryption and authentication.

Check The Benefits of Schneider Flow Measurement as below

Schneider Electric Flow Measurement Units has bringing value to your well as all of them come with benefits as below:

- Improve process visibility compliance, and data access by utilizing and combining gas flow metering, data logging, PLC control and RTU communication in one device

- Extend the production life-cycle of wells and improves safety and environmental compliance which dramatically reduces cost of deployment

- Real monitoring to pipeline that improve safety and reduces theft

- Improve access to remote data and enhanced operation by providing real-time accurate information related to the well operation

Schneider Electric Flow Measurement product units are applicable for the following applications:
- Rod pump controller
- Well pad optimization
- Multi-run gas flow measurement station
- Pipeline monitoring and control using GSM/GPRS network
- Chart recorder replacement
- Gas flow metering
- Well head monitoring and control

Schneider Electric Flow Measurement Units Products Offering

Schneider Electric Flow Measurement for SCADA Pack Transmitters Application

Under the SCADAPac Transmitter category, Schneider offers Schneider Electric Flow Measurement Units for SCADAPack 4012, SCADAPack 4102 and SCADAPack 4032. The SCADAPack 4012 is a fully digital transmitter networked using Modbus over Ethernet or a selectable RS485/212 serial line. This accurate and intelligent transmitter offers precise measurement of process absolute and gauge pressures in a small and lightweight package. 

The SCADAPack 4102 is the Modbus Multivariable Transmitter integrates industry proven multivariable sensing technology using our advanced Modbus communications protocol. Using a robust multi-drop RS485 link or Ethernet, this transmitter provides unparalleled performance in control and SCADA applications that require industry standard Modbus communications. The SCADAPack 4032 Modbus Pressure Transmitter is the model that offers accuracy and intelligent for the most precise measurement of differential pressure in a compact and robust package. 

Schneider Electric Flow Measurement Units for Gas Flow Computers

Under the Gas Flow Computer category, Schneider Electric offers two model of flow measurement unit, the SCADAPack 4203 and SolarPack 410. The SCADAPack 4203 is the integrated flow computer that incorporates a multivariable sensor and a complete PLC. The SolarPack 410 is the single run flow computer designed for use in installations where solar is the only power source. The SolarPack 410 provides smart solution with intelligent battery charging mechanism, configurable power management and low power consumption featuring Bluetooth wireless technology and radio communication. 


Schneider Electric offers a complete solution to the flow measurement needs. There are wide array product units offered with long list of accessories, extras and software support. The flow measurements units are selectable based on the site condition – from the regular to the poor energy source of site condition. 

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