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Definition of industrial automation and robotics :

Before we know about many approach of industrial automation, we should know well about industrial automation and robotics itself. We should know the based definition of industrial automation and also the definition of robotic.

- Industrial automation
Industrial automation is the one kind of the automation system that has the large capacity. It is being the best automation and will be the greater system because the function is to manage the computer system.

So the industrial automation is full filled with many kinds of sophisticated components, like PLC, SCADA, and many more. Those components give the best supported function toward the automation machine. Without the components, the machine won't be done well.

The influence of the availability of the industrial automation is making the best existence of the technology. Without the best industry, we can enjoy many kinds of the gadget.

- Robotics
If we heard about robotics, we will imagine the iron doll that can do the activity like human by having the remote control. But actually the term 'robotic' itself is as the branch term of engine world. The engine system of the robotic will be related with the technological machine.

The specialty of the robotic is related with the design of the system, physical construction, and also the sensor. And all of our gadget actually sue the robotic system.

The robotic itself actually can be called as the automated machine that will make our gadget work automatically.

Both industrial automation and robotics are the great component of the technological world. Both are support to each other. While the one function of both are minimizing the erro

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