Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

Challenges and Benefits using StruxureWare SCADA Expert in the Waste Processing Control Systems Solutions :

Waste water treatment system is a complex process includes distribution, wastewater collection and treatment system complete with automated process control mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency of the field to the company. To run this automatic control functions, StruxureWare SCADA Application Expert offers the integration of software and hardware to ensure best-in-class interoperability, scalable solutions, flexibility; and access real-time data from the field to the wastewater treatment plant. Fast data transfer process will speed up decision-making. 

Challenges and Benefits using StruxureWare SCADA Expert in the Waste Processing control systems Application

StruxureWare application allows you to control the total cost of waste management and ensure safe and reliable operation across the wide area network to maximize asset productivity and operational efficiency. If the application is run with both the user could improve operational efficiency by up to 25%, reducing energy consumption by 30%, reduce total cost of ownership up to 20%. This will support the process control, operate, and optimize water and wastewater infrastructure of the field to the company can be run properly.

However, there are several challenges in using this application example, need further analysis on how to supply clean water through old infrastructure without increasing the cost of making a positive impact on the environment and financial performance. It need special methods to manage water scarcity associated with growing urbanization and climate change StruxureWare when the application is run.

Schneider Electric as a manufacturer produce device that has a full support and services to improve operational performance and optimize energy efficiency and process control throughout your company. Systems 'plug and play' design ensures easy application will be used for all software, hardware, or all of your system without having to start from scratch.

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