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Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

Challenges and Benefits using StruxureWare SCADA Expert in the Waste Processing Control Systems Solutions :

Waste water treatment system is a complex process includes distribution, wastewater collection and treatment system complete with automated process control mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency of the field to the company. To run this automatic control functions, StruxureWare SCADA Application Expert offers the integration of software and hardware to ensure best-in-class interoperability, scalable solutions, flexibility; and access real-time data from the field to the wastewater treatment plant. Fast data transfer process will speed up decision-making. 

Challenges and Benefits using StruxureWare SCADA Expert in the Waste Processing control systems Application

StruxureWare application allows you to control the total cost of waste management and ensure safe and reliable operation across the wide area network to maximize asset productivity and operational efficiency. If the application is run with both the user could improve operational efficiency by up to 25%, reducing energy consumption by 30%, reduce total cost of ownership up to 20%. This will support the process control, operate, and optimize water and wastewater infrastructure of the field to the company can be run properly.

However, there are several challenges in using this application example, need further analysis on how to supply clean water through old infrastructure without increasing the cost of making a positive impact on the environment and financial performance. It need special methods to manage water scarcity associated with growing urbanization and climate change StruxureWare when the application is run.

Schneider Electric as a manufacturer produce device that has a full support and services to improve operational performance and optimize energy efficiency and process control throughout your company. Systems 'plug and play' design ensures easy application will be used for all software, hardware, or all of your system without having to start from scratch.

Leading industrial automation companies in India providing PLC SCADA DCS training in Chennai. Best PLC training center in Chennai. Automation in India

SCADA Building Automation System Application in the Energy Management Platform for Intelligent Buildings :

Scarce energy issues require a breakthrough in the management of energy-saving and efficient. One method is the application of energy efficient SCADA control system in intelligent buildings. There are many devices in a smart building that can be controlled by a SCADA system in a way to integrate various types of information and process it into an intelligent control system that includes the control of ventilation, temperature, lighting and so on. SCADA-based control process is developed by means of implementing hierarchical cascade controller in which the inner loop performed by a local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and the outer loop is managed by a centralized SCADA system, which interact with the entire network of local PLC. 

Detailed application based on SCADA control system in intelligent building can be seen as the following example

1. Water Network

2. Temperature Control

3. Lighting Control

4. Electric Network

5. Gas Network

6. Computer Network


Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

An Overview Of Four Big Industrial Automation System Companies In UAE :

1. Metro MacMetro Mac is one of the industrial automation system companies based in UAE that engages with marine, oil and gas and power and utility industries. Established in 1985, Metro Mac has been providing the solutions and supports towards the industrial companies to answer the challenging problem dealing with industrial automation. This company also provides the better service in relating with calibration of the automated systems that use the international standards such as UKAS, NKO and NIST.

2. ODASCO Automation System LLCBased in Dubai, ODASCO Automation System LLC belongs to one of the industrial automation system companies that focuses on various fields such as water, oil, gas and many other industries that implement the automated system in manufacturing. This company also dedicates itself to serve the customers with the competitive prices and maximum efficiency in automation system and has some branches spread throughout UAE.

3. ANG Automation Solutions FZCOIn addition to some of the mentioned automation industries above, ANG Automation Solutions FZCO also becomes the industrial automation system companies that has been long experienced in dealing with water, waste water and oil and gas industries, as well. Based in Dubai, this automation company engages with the installation, integration, design, etc towards the industrial system. Besides, this company is also supported with some experienced staffs and professionals that have been engaging with many sophisticated automation systems produced by some outstanding companies such as Rockwell, Siemens and so on.

4. Ace Automation LCCBased in Dubai, Ace Automation LCC is one of the industrial automation system companies that specialize in hydraulic power packs. This company offers some products that will be integrated with the automation in hydraulic powers such as valves, filter system, accumulators and many more. Like many automation industries, Ace Automation LCC also provides the consultation, installation and maintenance either on location or in workplace.

Apart form India, The United Emirates Arab is also the headquarters of many industrial automation system companies that contributes to the development of automation system in some industrial companies.

Some of the industrial automation system companies mentioned above have their own features in products and services. The implementation of the automation systems in company is expected to reduce the human error, tax, and operating costs. 

PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai | Industrial Automation training Chennai

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Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai


The below are the few tips and tricks on control valves: 

1. If you are dealing with a corrosive fluid, choose the valve body and trim material to match the pump casing and impeller.
 2. Velocity is the key to handling abrasive materials. Normal city water velocity is about 7 to 10 F.P.S. (clean liquid). If you have a fluid that is abrasive, keep the velocity as low as possible – without having the particles drop out of suspension. 
3. Always sense pressure where you want to control it. Many control valves and pressure regulators do not function properly simply because they are sensing pressure at one point and being asked to control it somewhere else.
 4. Velocity is the key to handling noise. Noise is energy. When dealing with high pressure drop situations try always to keep the velocities below 0.3 mach. on the inlet pipe, valve body, and outlet pipe.
 5. If you use a transducer in a control loop, specify a positioner on the valve. Otherwise the transducer will rob the actuator of available thrust, and the valve will leak when it is supposed to shut off.
 6. In cavitating fluids – even if the control valve has cavitation trim in it – be sure to allow a straight run of downstream pipe after the valve. If there is a pipe “T”or elbow immediately downstream, the flow will choke out and back up into the valve. 
7. If you use a control valve with a bellows seal in it, try to size the valve so that its normal throttling position is near the bellows “at rest” position. This will minimize wear on the bellows.
 8. Don’t use a valve below 10% of flow if at all possible. Even though a valve may have good rangeability, if the valve is used in an abrasive or erosive service (steam), it will not hold up unless it has hardened trim.
 9. If a PLC is being used to control the valves in a system, specify the valves with a linear flow characteristic. 
10. If a control valve is started up and fails to respond – or goes to full open or full closed and stays there – check the controller and reverse the controller’s action.


 1. Start with the fail mode of the valve. If the valve fails closed and is leaking…
 a) Disconnect the positioner or controller input.
 b) If the valve has a hand wheel, check to see that it is backed out. 
c) Check to see if the bench range is correct. 
d) Check to see if there is trash in, or damage to, the valve seat
 2. Next check the positioner.
 3. Next check the controller.Do not rely on the control room to generate signals. Generate your own with equipment that you know isproperly calibrated. Do not assume anything.Remember that control valves only do what you tell them to. Many control valve problems turn out to be aproblem somewhere else. 

PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai | Industrial Automation training Chennai

PLC: A Computer-Based Industrial Control System 

When you visit an industrial company, you will see how the machines work automatically with single touch. It can be said that such industry uses application of programmable logic controller to control the all the equipments involved in industrial process.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller is a certain computer device that offers the operator with some exceptional features such as sequence controllers like timers and counters.

Surprisingly, the application of programmable logic controller is not only used in industrial company, but also in some home utensils such as washing machines, traffic signs or elevators. The widely used of this control system leads some of the manufacturers launch different type of PLC in the market.

The Parts Of PLC
The application of programmable logic controller helps the operator to monitor the work of the machines through the sensors integrated in the system. PLC itself consists of three modules like CPU module, power supply module and I/O module.

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Leading industrial automation companies in India providing PLC SCADA DCS training in Chennai. Best PLC training center in Chennai. Automation in India

Latest Technology of the Current Trend in the Industrial Automation

In everyday we always use the sophisticated equipment for all of our activity. Actually those all as the types of latest technology in industrial automation. It is clear because the technology is always developing with the era.

But we almost do not aware about it. We just use the equipment without knowing the development technology that is supported by the great of industrial automation. The industrial automation have already accompanied the development of the technology until now on. 

There are many types of the latest technology in industrial automation. It may be seen from the component that are more sophisticated and also from the physical performance. Because as we know that many brands of the equipment appeared for showing their best product. They release then product with the new specification. In the other hand, they release the same product with sophisticated specification.

There are 2 latest technologies that is used in the industrial automation. They are :
  1. Bar Code / QR code technology
  2. This is the one of the latest technology of the industrial automation. This technology is being the static technology that the function is to make the information delivered more fixed. This technology contains of some sophisticated component that will make the deep automation process.
  3. RFID Technology
  4. RFID is being the revolutionary technology that makes the best transformation process for the machine. So that the work the equipment is being dynamic by adding some great steps. Beside, this technology also create the complete information function for supporting the machine.
The availability of the both latest technology in industrial automation itself create the best advantages. They area low consumption of the energy, new machine view, and safer machinery system.Then the new machine include in the new technology of the industrial automation is very dominant. Because the availability of the machine will influence the performa of the technology.Then the best technology is the safety technology. It is important because it will make the users feels comfortable in using the machine. So we can say that the safety factor is very important to make the latest technology in industrial automation is becoming the best product for the users. Latest technology in industrial automation have already existed in our daily activity. It is great and also make the development of the technology becomes better.

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Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

The 4 Important Steps Commissioning a PLC Based Control System Guide in the Automation Industry :

In general, the commissioning stage includes four main processes including: 

Step 1: How to check the hardware properly

Step 2: Transferring and testing the software to make sure there are no errors program

Step 3: Optimization of the software

Step 4: Commissioning of the entire system

Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

The Difference System Between Automatic and Robotics :

For this time a lot of people interpret that the same automated system with robot. Whereas between in this systems have difference, have difference between automatic and robotics. Automatic can be defined as a technology that is based on the application of mechanical systems, electronics and computers.

  1. Automatic fixed, made only for the purpose of production of services can't be used for other products. Suitable for mass production at a high speed. Investments issued the first time are usually high, but the operational costs are relatively low.

  2. Automatic semi-permanent, machine made to produce or handle one type of product or task, but in some parameters can be arranged on a limited basis.

  3. Automatic flexible, machine tools created can be used for a variety of products, an automated system is more comprehensive, parts of the product can be produced at the same time in automated systems
  1. Manipulator, mechanical parts that can be used for moving, lifting and manipulating the work piece.

  2. Sensor, Component-based instrumentation that serves as a conduit of information about the circumstances or the position of the parts manipulator.

  3. Actuator, propulsion components which when viewed from the principle of producing the motion can be divided into 3 parts, namely drive-based electric motor Hydraulic drive

  4. The controller, microprocessor-based electronic circuit that functions as a regulator of all components in the form function work

Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

SCADA Software as Main Processor for Controlling System Design :

1. User interface

2. Graphics displays

3. Alarms

 4. Trends

5. RTU (and PLC) interface

6. Scalability

 7. Access to data

8. Database

9. Networking

10. Fault tolerance and redundancy

11. Client/server distributed processing


Leading industrial automation companies in India providing PLC SCADA DCS training in Chennai. Best PLC training center in Chennai. Automation in India

The Top 5 Operational Benefits of SCADA System :

1. Better operational control over an increased geographic area 

2. Optimal control over complex tasks involved with large businesses

3. Hassle free and timely data access 

4. Integrated operational analysis 

5. Speedy response to emergencies or upsets