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Industrial Integration Solutions is solution for systems maintenance and troubleshooting for simple, fast, and convenient :

Review the image and printing, programming, and your current system specifications as input to inform an integrated end-to-end proposal is step how Sure Control Industrial Integration Solutions meet this user requirement. 

The Best Implementation of Industrial Integration Solutions

Naturally Industrial Integration Solutions will help you achieve more in your own operations less capital expenditures - increased productivity, faster and lower-cost production, and less harmful, low energy costs and the quality of the product more consistent. 

The implementation is faster than a complete replacement of the equipment, so you can make better, faster and less expensive production faster. These are some industrial integration solutions offered to you: 

1. Risk Management
The Industrial Integration Solutions project comes with many risks - Commitment to large capital expenditures in addition to taking the machine out of service. Monitor and of course experience companies manage through integration initiatives. Their proven planning and risk mitigation and we work with you to expect better business needs and production. 

2. Sure Control Industrial Integration Solutions, Management and implementation
Control coordinates many of the tasks and responsibilities of system integration projects to ensure the results you want at the expense of you expect. The installation of the system, the speed of security checks through the system and verify correct, they will have a team to help you to get your equipment back into production quickly and efficiently. 

3. Sure Control Industrial Integration Solutions, Design and development
Sure controls work with your team to determine the production capacities and equipment that will make you more competitive and profitable - now and in the future. They then place the order, without over-engineering, to meet the performance and compliance with safety requirements and ensure the performance of the margin generating capacity.

Manufacturing Industrial Integration Solutions to achieve maximum results from new systems and tools

Manufacturing Industrial Integration Solutions produce all the subassemblies and panel at our facility in Greenville, Wisconsin, because Sure control do the work yourself to ensure the best quality, superior performance, security and compliance, while eliminating compatibility issues. The process includes the completion of testing of controls everything we produce, so you can be sure that you receive the product perform as expected. 

Who knows, of course, the Industrial Integration Solutions control of the operator to achieve maximum results from new systems and tools, which is faster and safer allows startup, as well as the rapid achievement in improving the quality of production. They training also helps your team keep abreast of changes and technological safety requirements and compliance. 

Industrial Integration Solutions will ensure proper operation to complete and total security of the system. It is also providing full documentation and groups of spare parts for systems maintenance and troubleshooting simple, fast, and convenient and respair that minimizes downtime. That’s all about Industrial Integration Solutions benefit you can get

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

The Industrial Automation Benefits from increasing Productivity to Safety Advantages :

What is industrial automation and benefits can be taken from it?

Improve labor productivity and product quality is one of industrial automation benefits

1. Industrial Automation provides benefits to improve labor productivity

2. Improve the quality of products is one of Industrial Automation benefits

3. Reduce labor or production costs make industrial automation more competitive


Industrial Automation in India | PLC SCADA DCS Training in Chennai

Atmel Automotive Applications provides a touch solution for all automotive microcontrollers in the automotive environment :

Atmel Automotive Applications is an application that covers a wide range of products, ranging from electronics body, engine components, and access to the system elements and entertainment lighting. It support small design provide a high level of integration, to fit the limited space available in the automotive environment. 

The Best Atmel Automotive Applications with strict automotive qualification requirements

To meet the diverse needs of a wide range of Atmel Automotive Applications, developers need a solution that provides: 

1. The strict automotive qualification requirements, including industry standards and the quality of the Beatles cars

2. Flexible interface to the various capacities HMI Options with standards-based connectivity solutions for smart networks

3. Protection and compatibility of products of high-voltage, including strong electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection; and OEM approvals

4. High temperature resistance hassle-free environments in the automotive process

5. Security tight to get a car with low power consumption for maximum efficiency

6. A complete solution set for cars

Atmel Automotive Applications Solutions to makes cars safer, more economical and convenient

Atmel Automotive Applications provide a comprehensive set of products for automotive applications. It meets the strict quality requirements of the automotive and makes cars safer, more economical and convenient. The solutions include:

1. Body and leisure

2. The arrival of a car

3. Information and entertainment / HMI / connection

4. Under the Hood

Atmel Automotive Applications Feature

Atmel Automotive Applications has demonstrated a strong commitment to the automotive market. Their company has more than 25 years of experience designing automotive electronics, a market leader in several areas of the car. They offer a wide range of customized automotive technologies.

Comprehensive portfolio and a wide range of Atmel ranging from car radios and navigation devices, and the interim standards electronics body, including high temperature, Lin / CAN and motor driver IC, and a solution for system access, car RKE / internal key chains for Atmel AVR us ® microcontrollers cars, memories, capacitive and customer-specific ICs. 


Atmel Automotive Applications is touch solutions forward from the proximity sensor for door keyless entry with the touch screen on the GPS. Touch-screen interface gives the driver and passengers a sense of luxury, quality and excellence. With the industry the most comprehensive portfolios, Atmel provides a touch solution for all automotive microcontrollers in the automotive environment. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016



A simplified block diagram of a PLC shown in above Fig. It has three major units/sections.
     The input section converts the field signals supplied by input devices/sensors to logic-level signals that the PLC's CPU can read.
     The Processor Section reads these inputs, Processes the signal, and prepares the output signals.
     The output section converts the logic level output signals coming from processor section to high level signals and used to actuate various output field devices.
     The programmer/monitor is used to enter the user's program into memory and to monitor the execution of the program.

1) I/O Section:-

2) CPU Section:-

Memory System:-

         It is used to store numerical data required in math calculation, bar code data etc.
         It contains user's application program.
         It is used to store an executive program or system software . An operating system of the PLC is a special program that controls the action of CPU and consequently the execution of the user's program. A PLC operating system s designed to scan image memory, interprets the instruction of user's program stored in main memory, and executes the user's application program the operating system is supplied by the PLC manufacturer and is permanently held in memory.

3) Programmer/Monitor:-

                           More advanced systems employ a separate industrial terminal or personal computers with type-writer type keyboard and CRT monitors. With the help of proprietary software, it allows programmer to write, view and edit the program and download it into the PLC. It also allows user to monitor the PLC as it is running the program. With this monitoring systems, such things as internal coils, registers, timers and other items not visible externally can be monitored to determine proper operation. Also,internal register data can be altered, if required. to fine tune program operation while debugging.communication between PM and PLC is done via a cable connected to a special programming port on PLC. connection to the personal computer can be through a serial port or from a dedicated card installed in the computer.


SIMATIC Industrial Automation Software provides maximum efficiency, flexibility and wide and high cost effectiveness - in every application :

The continued development of the SIMATIC Industrial Automation Software makes sure that all integrated automation components in the latest level. Select the appropriate license to get the most benefit from your product. Automation solutions today must deal with different challenges. It calls for high-performance software - efficiency, flexibility and reliability as possible, now and in the future alike. And select the appropriate license for your applications to maintain effective programs in terms of cost yet. 

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Software program help you manage your licenses comfortable and keep this software up to date

The challenge of the field of automation is keeping your software up to the latest standard. Up to the date of the program is important if you want to work efficiently and to obtain reliable results. But even for the Industrial Automation Software program, it must remain transparent and cost explained. That is why SIMATIC program offers you not only the different types of licenses, but a useful tool to help you manage your licenses comfortable and keep this software up to date. 

Industrial Automation Software SIMATIC Update Service Licenses

If you need a license for an area of one business, a small team or an international company, Siemens has the proper license for your application. So you can use your software SIMATIC effective in terms of cost only in the way that is right for your needs. Program from Siemens Industrial Automation Software is constantly updated and improved. 

Provides Software Update Service (SUS) latest version of the program you're right where you work - with no additional commands and immediately after its release. Online delivery program (OSD) software license makes you faster - whether it is a new system or delivery of SUS. You can download software licenses and SIMATIC from the Internet. It will be faster than ever before. 

Industrial Automation Software systems provide you with the answers to the requirements of plant and machinery and protective of the future are increasingly demanding. Engineering to meet the needs of all sectors of industry in the almost infinite variety of its tasks, the superiority of our systems provides maximum efficiency, flexibility and wide and high cost effectiveness - in every application. 


Industrial Automation Software of SIMATIC system is synonymous with excellence for our commitment to engineering and superior technology. For more than 50 years, Siemens has continuously evolving technological advances in automation. The system includes all the needs of the industry and set the standard in its field of competence. 

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Allen-Bradley Servo Motor,

Allen-Bradley Servo Motor, Best To Provide Motion In Automation Solution; Product Acknowledgement And Beneficial Approach :

Servo Motor is part of industrial movement facilities, both in laterally and based on the fact. There are so many equipment, device and other stuff which is need and used as moving function. For the example, the conveyor belt which used to move some stuff or product from one departement to other department. Another function of this conveyor belt is to move several parts which is need to be assemble by worker or co-bots. 

At the other hands, Servo Motor was run with automation solution, motor and automation motion controller. All was doing for single purposes as the industrial kindness and increas the productivity. But there is an answer with it, what kind manufacture which is create best motor models and so with several functional utilities to complete it? There are lots of, but one of the best come from best manufacture or developer called the servo motor from Allen-Bradey products. Here in this article we would go further more with couple of Allen Bradley Servo motor product divers. 

Broad Of Linear and Rotary Motor, Allen-Bradley Servo Motor Came With Best Product For Industrial Kindness

Allen-Bradley has provide the industries with varies of great product, for the servo motor models there are at least three main component which create and offered by Allen-Bradley for the public and here it them; SpeedTec DIN conectors Kinetix Cable, LDL and LDC series Linear Servo Motors, and The Rotary Motors, which comes by diferent utilities such as; Kinetix VP and MP Series servo motor also the RDD Series Direct Drive. Each of that has been designed with great features, and here it the summary. 


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What is a VFD?

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, microdrive, and inverter.  Frequency (or hertz) is directly related to the motor’s speed (RPMs). In other words, the faster the frequency, the faster the RPMs go. If an application does not require an electric motor to run at full speed, the VFD can be used to ramp down the frequency and voltage to meet the requirements of the electric motor’s load. As the application’s motor speed requirements change, the VFD can simply turn up or down the motor speed to meet the speed requirement. 

How does a Variable Frequency Drive work?

 The first stage of a Variable Frequency AC Drive, or VFD, is the Converter. The converter is comprised of six diodes, which are similar to check valves used in plumbing systems. They allow current to flow in only one direction; the direction shown by the arrow in the diode symbol. For example, whenever A-phase voltage (voltage is similar to pressure in plumbing systems) is more positive than B or C phase voltages, then that diode will open and allow current to flow. When B-phase becomes more positive than A-phase, then the B-phase diode will open and the A-phase diode will close. The same is true for the 3 diodes on the negative side of the bus. Thus, we get six current “pulses” as each diode opens and closes. This is called a “six-pulse VFD”, which is the standard configuration for current Variable Frequency Drives

Let us assume that the drive is operating on a 480V power system. The 480V rating is “rms” or root-mean-squared. The peaks on a 480V system are 679V. As you can see, the VFD dc bus has a dc voltage with an AC ripple. The voltage runs between approximately 580V and 680V.

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More Understand The X Ray Inspection Machine System Application in the Food Industry and How does it Works :

Nordson DAGE, a leader in X-ray examination for the electronics industry provides an X-ray system to recognize the advantage. The resolution is the highest not only in the laboratory analysis of failure. But it is also in the production environment. Now is proud to launch the 4th generation, ultra-high-resolution, outside the X Ray Inspection Machine systems have a line - Quadra series. 

The new design Quadra series with the user in mind, providing image quality that is second to none in the shortest time possible. Quarter with X-ray tube and the detector Revolutionary Aspire ™ FP, Nordson DAGE brings you the future of the clarity of the image X ray accuracy, reliability, performance and productivity. 

The Use of X-Ray Inspection Machine Systems in the Food Industry

X Ray Inspection Machine systems can be used to detect contaminants in food. Product inspection became an indispensable element in food production is responsible. This is an integral part of any concept of HACCP, and is an absolute success IFS certification requirement. Food contaminated with dirt whatever may have serious consequences for the company, because under the product liability every processed food law is responsible for the contamination of the product in case they would be consumer harm from pollution. 

Pollutants Inspection system can be used to prevent such problems. Detect extremely useful metals to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals devices, but it has reached its borders, for example in the field of inspection on the packaging coated aluminum and packaging materials. 

Contamination with glass, ceramics, stone and similar materials are also a serious problem. Therefore, X Ray Inspection Machine systems and food materials used for these applications revealed. Next RAYCON Sesotec system provides additional benefits compared to detect conventional metals (and other X-ray systems available on the market). For example, RAYCON allowed inspecting parallel to the two different products. Misplaced or overlapping product is also no problem at all. Apart from pollution, product defects such as product components are missing and can also be detected.

How Does The X-Ray System Work in The Food Industry?